Hello Beautiful!

img_5682I am Maria and I am here to help you get your health back through primal diet and lifestyle.

You know what the biggest reason women are not able to lose weight is…despite constant dieting? Well, first let me tell you a secret: diets never work ! Simply because there is an end to any diet. Plus diets are based on crazy restrictions that even the most self-disciplined woman is just not able to follow for an extended period of time. But the biggest reason women can’t lose weight is hormonal imbalance, which is a lot of times created by those restrictive diets and by just plain crappy food that does not nourish our bodies for optimal function. You know what else hormone imbalances do? They make you age faster, disrupt your mood and brain function, give you flaky skin and wrinkles and make you tired and unmotivated all the time. So all you need to do for effortless weight loss, healthy skin, good mood and out of this world motivation and energy is to fix your hormones! And I am here to help you do just that!

Who am I to tell you what to eat?

I have over 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition and exercise as well as a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from University of Wisconsin-Madison which is ranked in the top 25 kinesiology programs in the country. Yes, I am a very proud Badger! I am also a certified Primal Blueprint health coach. By the way, I have been to medical school too! Well, that was a long time ago and in Europe so I am not a licensed MD..yet anyway:).

So here is a bit of my nutrition story and why I settled on Primal diet.

Growing up I was never really an active kid, in fact I skipped my physical education class every single chance I had. But who wouldn’t if all we did was play volleyball that I still hate to this day. I also had such a terrible sweet tooth that all I really ate in my late teens was chocolate! Yes, chocolate for lunch and dinner with some ice cream as a snack! I am not kidding! I was lucky enough to still be skinny…well, maybe that was because I didn’t eat much of real food. However, I’ve had stomach pains for as long as I could remember but I wasn’t smart enough back then to link it to the food I ate..or to be more exact, didn’t eat. Go figure…

When I was 20 years old I moved to USA in the middle of my 3rd year of medical school. And all that for a boy! Anyway, the boy was into weight lifting and took me to the gym with him where I sat on a bench waiting for him to finish a workout for a good couple of months….until I got bored. You see I am someone who does not do boring well, and most of my seemingly irrational decisions come from not being able to handle boring any more. So I started lifting little by little myself. And being a total closet nerd I turned to my best friend Google to find out all I could about bodybuilding. This is how I started my journey on a healthy (question mark) diet – the bodybuilding diet.

I spent a few years stuffing myself with yet another chicken breast every 3 hours, drinking disgusting protein shakes, making sure to avoid fat as much a possible, eating “healthy” whole grains and stressing about muscle catabolism every time I forgot to take that chicken breast with me on a trip to the mall. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of diet was still a major upgrade from my chocolate days, and I did make some good progress in the gym, but I did not feel good most of the time. In fact, I thought being bloated most days was normal…plus I had acne. In my mid twenties! It would always get worse around that time of the month – a sure sign of major hormone imbalance that I kept ignoring because there was a pill for that!

And then the shit hit the fan… Looking back I realize that it started happening to me more and more after a major emotional stressor I had in 2011. This is what typically happens with many autoimmune conditions. The moderate abdominal bloating I used to get before had gotten so much worse that I could easily pass for a 5-months pregnant! Besides, I started having severe cramping and pain after eating sometimes. I couldn’t pin it on anything specific that I ate. Around the same time my cramps got really bad, my iron also dropped below normal for the first time ever. I know that because I had been donating blood regularly for a couple of years at that time. I was absolutely devastated because the quality of my life suffered and the doctors were not of any help. Wy would they be? There was no pill for what I had.

One day I had a consultation with a new personal training client and she asked me for diet  recommendations for someone with celiac disease. That was the first time I heard about it so I got curious how she got diagnosed. Apparently she wasn’t – her chiropractor suggested to her that gluten intolerance might be the cause of her digestive issues, so she kicked it out of her diet and saw almost immediate improvement. The light bulb went off! I put on my nerd cap on and started researching. About six weeks after I kicked gluten my iron went back up to normal.

The story doesn’t end there. Although I got rid of painful cramps and digestive issues, I still had some bloating from time to time. Besides, I also decided to compete in my first figure competition in November of 2012. And what that meant was consuming insane number of calories, mainly carbohydrates from grains and sugar followed by a drastic cutting of calories to 1000 kcals/day. The damage to my metabolism was apparent and in the months that followed the competition I gained 12 lbs of fluff on my 5’3″ frame. Don’t get me wrong I was never overweight by any means, but that was too much for me personally and I didn’t feel good about myself or healthy for that matter. Plus, the bloating persisted.

I kept researching to find a solution and I did  – it was “Primal Solution” by Robb Wolf. That was beginning of my paleo/primal education that made me become an absolute convert and a Primal Blueprint Certified Coach. My health is the best proof – my celiac disease and psoriasis (autoimmune conditions always come in bundles) are completely under control, my digestive system is working properly, my skin is clear and I am even told I look much younger than my age all the time. Best of all, I eat delicious and nutritious foods without worrying about restrictions and counting calories to maintain my weight. And guess what, my crazy sweet tooth has been tamed! All I want are a few pieces of dark chocolate with my coffee and I am satisfied.

So what are YOU waiting for, my dear?


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